Projection of explanatory video
Before beginning the guided tour, the visitor may enter the Visitors Centre auditorium and see a 10-minute film introducing the PSA, its history and its facilities.
Guided tour of the PSA test facilities
Visitors to the PSA are invited to take a guided tour of its facilities to spread the knowledge and technology the Plataforma Solar de Almería has developed during its 25 years of research work. Along the way, the visitor receives information on each of the technologies in the centre’s facilities devoted mainly to Solar Thermal Concentrating Energy Technologies.
Interactive demonstrations

To understand better the PSA’s scientific processes, the following demonstrations will be given outside of the Visitor’s Centre:

  • Parabolic-trough demonstration facility (DISS)
  • Detoxification
  • Solar Cooker
  • Photovoltaic solar energy demonstration kit
  • Sanitary hot water equipment
  • Wind generator
Exhibition ofiinformative models and posters
Inside the Centre there two scale models of the CESA-1 High-Temperature Facility and its central receiver, and posters about current renewable energy developments.
Cafe and catering service
The café offers a wide variety of drinks, tapas, fast food, etc., for breakfasts and light lunches. We can also offer a catering service for groups with complete luncheon with prior reservation with the visit. Ask about our prices.
Souvenir shop
The souvenir shop has large variety of solar products, assembly kits and games, as well as popular science books.
Outdoor recreation area
The Visitors’ Centre has an outdoor recreation area with wooden picnic tables and benches in a pleasant place for groups to enjoy and rest.

The complete guided visit, including video, demonstrations and visit to the PSA facilities lasts from 1-and-a-half to two hours, although the visitor may remain in the facility with the hours open to the public to enjoy the reset of the services, such as models and posters, café, souvenir shop and recreation area, etc.