Distribution of PSA students (2015)

The ruling principle of the Plataforma Solar de Almería training program is the creation of a generation of young researchers who can contribute to the deployment of solar thermal energy applications. Through this program, about forty students of different nationalities are admitted each year so that we can transmit the knowledge of solar thermal technology accumulated at the PSA in its thirty years of experience to new generations of university graduates.
The main features of this training program are:

  • Management of the Ph.D. fellowship program in association with an annual agreement with the University of Almeria (UAL) and with the own program to young researcher of CIEMAT.
  • European funded ‘Erasmus’ grants, for students from other countries, mainly German.
  • Management of miscellaneous specific educational cooperation agreements with other entities for sending students to the PSA (Universities of Granada, Almería, URJC-Madrid, UPM-Madrid, TU-München-Germany, Aachen-Germany Karlsruhe-Germany, Kempte-Germany, Dalarna-Sweden, Unesco-IHE-Netherlands, Politecnico di Torino-Italy, Venice-Italy, UIR- Morocco, Antofagasta-Chile, Santiago de Chile-Chile, UNLP-Argentina, Veracruzana-Mexico, Medellín-Colombia, INAT-Tunisia, USDB-Algeria, etc.)

  The PSA is a founding member of the ‘Alliance of European Laboratories on Solar Thermal Concentrating Systems’ (SolLab). This virtual laboratory is made up of the main European concentrating solar energy research institutes, that is, PROMES-CNRS in Odeillo (France), the DLR Solar Energy Division in Cologne (Germany), the Renewable Energies Laboratory of the Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETHZ, Switzerland), the Paul Scherrer Institute in Zurich (PSI, Switzerland) and the CIEMAT itself.

Founding in 2004 of SolLab opened new possibilities for scientific development of researchers in training at the PSA. One of the joint SolLab activities is an annual seminar for Ph.D. students from the five different institutions (Doctoral Colloquium), which is part of the activities of the European project so-called SFERA-II (Solar Facilities for the European Research Area. Second Phase) at the same time.

The 11th SOLLAB was organized by the ETHZ and took place in Melchsee-Frutt, Switzerland. The Colloquium was held between the 2nd to the 4th of March 2015. Afterwards, the SFERA Winter School was hosted at Zurich from the 5th to the 6th of March, 2015. It was focused on thermal storage.