Research and technical staff

Antonio Ávila Marín - Researcher

Ph. D. industrial technologies UNED, Spain. Master in Renewable Energy, Universidad Internacional Menéndez Pelayo, Spain. B. Sc. Chemical Engineer, University of Granada, Spain.

Heat of the porous materials characterization laboratory.

Researcher in point focus technology with experience in numerical analysis of receivers and sensitive heat storage systems, testing and evaluation of prototypes, annual production analysis, as well as in the design and development of component testing facilities.

Jesús Fernández Reche - Senior Researcher

PhD in Applied Sciences. University of Almería (SPAIN). B. Sc. Physics. University of Granada (SPAIN)

Senior Researcher in point focus concentrating solar technology (Receivers, Heliostats, Dish/Stirling systems). Experience on design, modelling, testing and evaluation, and applications of Solar Towers .

Rafael Monterreal Espinosa - Senior Researcher

Senior researcher with experience on measuring equipment for concentrated solar radiation and temperature in central receiver systems using VIS and IR cameras. Test and evaluation of heliostat prototypes, heliostat modeling and simulation software development for heliostats and heliostat fields.

Jesús Mª Ballestrín Bolea - Senior Researcher

Ph. D. Physics, Universidad Complutense, Madrid (SPAIN).

Head of the Radiometry Laboratory, Plataforma Solar de Almería.

Senior Researcher in Thermosolar Point Focus Systems (Central Receiver Plants, Solar Furnaces). Experience in measurement of concentrated solar radiation, calibration of high solar irradiance radiometers, measurement of high temperatures with IR systems, measurement of emittance of materials at high temperatures, simulation and measurement of atmospheric extinction of solar radiation.

Inmaculada Cañadas Martínez - Researcher

Ph. D. Engineer, University of Seville (Spain). B. Sc. Chemical Engineer, University of Granada (Spain).

Researcher in point focus concentrating solar technology (Solar furnaces). Experience in testing and evaluation of materials under high solar radiation fluxes, and design, testing,evaluation and applications of high temperature solar heat for endothermal processes in Solar Furnaces.

José Rodríguez García - Facility Engineer

Technical Engineering in Mechanics, Escuela Politecnica Superior, Cordoba, Spain

O&M manager of Solar Furnaces & Dishes facilities at PSA.

Experience in solar concentrating systems (tower systems, parabolic trough systems, disc-stirling systems, solar furnaces). High temperature material testing in controlled atmosphere and vacuum, volumetric, rotary and particle receivers. Solar chemistry tests (H2 production). Calibration and measurement of high temperatures with IR systems. Alignment of systems with total station.

Raúl Enrique Orts - Facility engineer

B.Sc. Industrial management engineer, University of Malaga, Spain.

O&M manager of CESA-I soalr facility at PSA.

Experience in the development, operation and maintenance of tower testing facilities. Experience in modeling, simulation and evaluation of heliostat prototypes.

Francisco Sánchez Moreno - Laboratory Tecnician

Technical Engineering in Telecommunications (Electronic Systems) and Master in Solar Energy, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain.

Research assistant in the porous materials characterization laboratory for high solar concentration. Experience in testing techniques for volumetric absorbers and sensitive heat storage materials.

Maria Elena Carra Artero - Researcher

B.Sc. Chemical Engineering, University of Almería, Spain. B.Sc. Industrial management Engineering, Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena, Spain. Master in Chemical Engineering, University of Almería, Spain.
PhD Sciences, Universidad de Almería (Spain)

Measurement of the atmospheric extinction of solar radiation in Thermal Solar Power Plants. Radiative transfer studies.

Marina Casanova Molina - PhD Student (CIEMAT)

B.Sc. Physics, University of Valencia, Spain. Master in Energies and Fuels for the future, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Spain.

PhD Thesis in progress.

Measurement of concentrated solar radiation on solar central receivers.

Daniel Sánchez Señorán - Predoctoral researcher (CIEMAT)

Degree in Industrial Technology Engineering from Rey Juan Carlos University (Madrid).
Master in Industrial Engineering with speciality in energy sustainability from Rey Juan Carlos University (Madrid).

Ongoing Doctoral thesis.

Experimental and numeric characterization of porous volumetric receptors in high solar concentrated power. Study of porous volumetric receptors in high solar concentrated power for thermodynamic cycles.

Noelia Estremera Pedriza - Predoctoral researcher (CIEMAT)

Degree in Industrial Organization Engineering, University of Valladolid.
Master in Solar Energy, University of Almeria.

Doctoral Thesis in progress.

Durability of materials under high solar radiation concentration. Characterization of optical and thermal properties. CFD simulation tools.