Figure 1. General view of the new PSA Water Technologies Lab

The PSA water technologies laboratory is about 200 m2 distributed in six different rooms:

  1. The main laboratory (94 m2, Figure 1) is equipped with the required equipment for conventional water analysis. It is also equipped with Vibrio fischeri and activated sludge respirometry toxicity measurement devices, biodegradability by respirometers for suspended and immobilized activated sludge activated sludge, and equipment for the analysis of biological and chemical oxygen demand. An Automatic Solid Phase Extraction (ASPEC) is also available for working with samples at very low concentrations of pollutants, and a coater device to produce immobilized photo-catalysts.
  2. The chromatography room (23 m2, Figure 2a) has three liquid chromatographs with diode array detector (HPLC-DAD and two UPLC-DAD), one gas chromatograph/mass spectrometer (GC/MS) with purge and trap system (analysis of volatile compounds dissolved in water), two ion chromatographs. Two total organic carbon (TOC) analyzers and a total nitrogen (TN) analyzer.
  3. The 27-m2 microbiology laboratory has a biosafety level of 2 (Figure 2b). All the equipment related to microbiological analysis for disinfection of water containing different kinds of microorganisms is allocated here. This lab is also equipped with ultra-fast real-time quantitative PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) equipment, fluorospectrometer and spectrophotometer NanoDrop for genetic quantification of micro-volumes,  FISH microscope with fluorescence module to develop the FISH (Fluorescent in situ hybridation) technique for visualization of DNA hibrydation with specific probes in live cells used for monitoring of key microorganisms within a heterogeneous population.
  4. The Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) and Energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscope (EDX) room is 11 m2 (Figure 2c).
  5. A 30-m2 storeroom with direct access from outside for chemicals and other consumables storage. It is organized on numbered and labeled stainless steel shelving with refrigerators and freezers for samples and standards keeping.

And a 17-m2 office with three workstations where visiting researchers can analyze the data from the experiments carried out at the PSA.

Figure 2. Water technology labs: (a) Chromatography lab, (b) Microbiology Lab and (c) SEM and EDX Lab.