The PSA is located in southeastern Spain in the Tabernas Desert at 37º05’27.8” north and 2º21’19” west.  It receives a direct annual insolation of over 1900 kWh/(m2·year) and the average annual temperature is around 17ºC.

The PSA is an experimental facility with climate and insolation conditions similar to those in developing solar-belt countries (where the greatest potential for solar energy is found), but with all the advantages of large scientific installations in the most advanced European countries, making it a privileged site for evaluation, demonstration and transfer of solar technologies. 

Clicking on the picture you can download the current brochure of the Plataforma Solar de Almería.

The main test facilities available at the PSA are:

  • CESA-1 and SSPS-CRS central receiver systems, 7 and 2.7 MWth respectively
  • SSPS-DCS 1.2-MWth parabolic-trough collector system, with associated thermal storage system and water desalination plant
  • DISS 1.8-MWth test loop, an excellent experimental system for two-phase flow and direct steam generation for electricity production research
  • HTF test loop, a complete oil circuit for evaluation of new parabolic-trough collector components
  • The FRESDEMO “linear Fresnel” technology loop.
  • The parabolic-trough collector system called the “Innovative Fluids Test Loop”
  • 6-unit DISTAL dish/Stirling facility.
  • A 60-kWt solar furnace for thermal materials treatments.
  • A solar chemistry facility for solar detoxification applications consisting of a parabolic-trough loop with two-axis tracking and three CPC photoreactors for different types of trials.
  • Laboratorio de Ensayo Energético de Componentes de la Edificación (Laboratory for Energy Testing of Building Components) (LECE).
  • The ARFRISOL Building, an integral part of the “Unique Project Strategy” of the same name, which is a container-demonstrator for advanced energy savings and efficiency technologies in building.
  • Meteorological station forming part of the “Baseline Surface Radiation Network” (BSRN).