Responsible: Dr. Aránzazu Fernández García;
Acronym: UMAT
The overall objective of this unit is the development, preparation, characterization and testing of materials for Concentrating Solar Thermal (CST) Technologies, as well as the use of these technologies for the treatment and processing of materials, through the following lines of activity:

  • Development, preparation and characterization of advanced materials and coatings for CST technologies (primary and secondary reflectors, absorbers, receiver covers, receiver particles, etc.) for increased robustness, efficiency and long-term durability under operating conditions in harsh climates or environments
  • Durability testing of materials for CST components under conditions of high concentrated solar radiation fluxes
  • Durability testing of materials for CST components under real environmental conditions
  • Development and testing of devices for measuring and reducing soiling of solar components as well as water-saving techniques in the O&M of CST plants
  • Development of life time prediction models of components for concentrating solar thermal technologies
  • Usage of CST technologies for materials’ treatment and processing, including thermal treatment, synthesis, characterization, aging and processing of materials at high temperature with high concentrated radiation fluxes, by surface or volume treatment (with solar receivers or reactors)

These activities are performed within framework of both publicly funded national or international R&D projects, and R&D contracts and collaboration agreements directly signed with private companies, for the development and/or evaluation of materials for concentrating solar thermal technologies.
The members of the unit also collaborate actively in national and international standardization committees for the development of protocols and standards for concentrating solar thermal system components.