• 14-effect vertically stacked forward feed multi-effect distillation pilot plant (Capacity: 72 m3/day, thermal consumption: 64 kWh/m3). Fully instrumented for process modeling and with hot water thermal supply.
  • Double-effect LiBr-H2O absorption heat pump coupled to a multi-effect distillation plant for low-exergy thermal heat recovery (100 kWt)
  • Static solar thermal collector field (252 collectors, 500 m2) of CPC (Compound Parabolic Concentrator type, 1.12x) for thermal energy supply (250 kWt) in low temperature solar thermal desalination applications.
  • A test-bed for solar membrane distillation (MD) systems (maximum thermal power of 7 kW), where practically all the technologies available commercially have been evaluated
  • A lab-scale facility for evaluating membranes (250 cm2) in vacuum MD