• Characterizing receivers, reactors, thermal storage and associated equipment for power generation or high temperature (beyond 1000ºC) solar heat applications and/or with high solar radiation concentration (100-2000 kW/m2). The facilities are two Heliostats field (10000 and 4000 m2) with two central tower with 4 and 3 test beds, respectively.
  • Analyze, simulate and characterize optically point focusing solar concentrators
  • A solar furnace of 60 kW and different test benches: for testing and qualification of endothermic chemical processes using heat from solar concentration:: Rotary kiln up to 1500ºC, fluidized bed up to 1000ºC, solar process plant for materials treatments in air up to 1100ºC.
  • Dish-stirling test bed for characterization and evaluation of components
  • A solar tower to accommodate testing of small solar receivers in the range of 200-750 kW in areas such as: Solar decarbonization of fossil fuels, Thermochemical cycles, Methane reforming, etc.