Since 2018, research activity at the Plataforma Solar de Almería has been structured around four R&D Units:

  • Solar Concentrating Systems. This unit is devoted to the development and evaluation of solar thermal technology for electricity and industrial process heat applications.
  • Thermal Storage and Solar Fuels. The objective of this Unit is providing solutions to concentrating solar thermal systems to become a dispatchable technology, by thermal storage systems and/or Hydrogen production by thermochemical processes
  • Solar Desalination. Its objective is to develop brackish water and seawater solar desalination.
  • Solar Water Treatment. Exploring the chemical possibilities of solar energy, especially its potential for water detoxification and disinfection.

Supporting the R&D Units mentioned above are the management and technical services, which are grouped together in the PSA Management Unit. These units are largely self-sufficient in the execution of their budget, planning, scientific goals and technical resource management. Nevertheless, the three R&D units share many PSA resources, services and infrastructures, so they stay in fluid communication with the Management Unit, which coordinates technical and administrative support services. For its part, the Office of the Director must ensure that the supporting capacities, infrastructures and human resources are efficiently distributed. It is also the Office of the Director that channels demands to the various general support units located at the CIEMAT’s main offices in Madrid.