The facility designed to photocatalytic produce hydrogen has two connected plants:

  • Hydrogen generation plant (Figure 1a): it consists of a 10 L maximum volume stainless steel tank, equipped with entry and exit for gas and water and a sampling point. Two flow mass controllers are used to control the N2 gas flow in the top of the reactor during the filling phase. The N2 is used as a carrier gas for the H2 generated during the reaction and that is later measured online in a GC-MS.
  • CPC prototype (Figure 1b): it is composed of a 2.1 m2 capture surface unit, with 16 Py-rex glass tubes (32 mm diameter). 25 L total water volume of which 14.24 L are irradiated.

a) b)
Figure 1. a) H2 generation pilot plant and b) its connected CPC prototype.