• Test bench for researching and testing of methodologies and components for sensible heat storage in molten salts
  • Test Bench for Outdoor Optical and Thermal Qualification of Parabolic Troughs and their Components with E-W orientation (HTF PTC test loop)
  • Rotary Test Bench for Standardized Qualification of Parabolic Trough Components (Kontas)
  • Test Facility for Outdoor Optical and Thermal Standardized Qualification of Large-Size Parabolic Troughs E-W oriented and Parabolic Troughs Loops N-S oriented (PTTL)
  • Test Bench for Outdoor Optical and Thermal Qualification of Small-Sized Parabolic Troughs (CAPSOL)
  • Life-size test facility for Direct Steam Generation in Parabolic Troughs (DISS)
  • Research pilot plant on the use of Pressurized Gasses as heat transfer fluid in Parabolic Troughs (IFL)
  • Test bed for combined production of electricity and desalinated water (CSP+D). Superheated steam generation (500 kWt) up to 550 ºC and steam ejector train (4) coupled to a multi-effect distillation plant.
  • Small aperture parabolic trough solar field (8 collectors, 230 m2), for thermal energy supply (125 kWt) en thermal applications up to 220 ºC.