Scientific and Technological Alliance for Guaranteeing the European Excellence in Concentrating Solar Thermal Energy
Overall Cost
European Commission, 7th FP
5.27 M€
Project Description

Project Summary
This IRP promotes Coordination and Support Actions (CSA) and, in parallel, performs Coordinated Projects (CP) covering the full spectrum of current concentrating solar energy research topics, selected to provide the highest EU added value and filling the gaps among national programs. It engages all major European research institutes, with relevant and recognized activities on STE and related technologies, in an integrated research.
Thermal Storage Group’s Role
CIEMAT coordinates the task on Innovative Storage Systems and explores its new technical approach of latent storage using liquid crystals as phase change materials.
Technical Approach and Resources Used
The research team is engaged in
  • Definition of potential liquid crystals as PCMs.
  • Feasibility study of materials.
  • Heat exchanger design.
  • TES design.
Project Results (including any commercial outcomes)
Key Staff
Converting the consortium into a reference institution for concentrating solar energy research in Europe, creating a new entity with effective governance structure, enhancing cooperation between EU research institutions, synchronizing national research programs and accelerating knowledge transfer to industry.
  • Dr. Mª Esther Rojas
  • Dr. Rocío Bayón
  • Margarita Rodriguez