Energy Storage for Direct Steam Solar Plants
Overall Cost
European Commission, 6th FP
Project Description

Project Summary
The DISTOR project focused on the development of thermal storage systems using phase change materials (PCM) in the temperature range from 230°C to 330°C for systems using steam between 30 and 100bar. In order to accelerate the development, the DISTOR project was based on parallel research into three different storage concepts. These concepts include innovative aspects like encapsulated PCM, evaporation heat transfer and new design concepts. This parallel approach takes advantage of synergy effects and will enable the identification of the most promising storage concept.
Thermal Storage Group’s Role
CIEMAT gained valuable experience in designing, testing and evaluation of latent storage systems with low-k PCMs.
Technical Approach and Resources Used
The research team is engaged in
  • Contribution to the design of the low-k PCM storage module based on a fin concept.
  • Experimental evaluation of this prototype.
Project Results (including any commercial outcomes)
Key Staff
The project resulted in the following main deliverables:
  • Development of advanced storage materials based on composite-PCM technology adapted to steam generation/condensation in the range of 200 - 300 °C.
  • Design and evaluation of 100 kW storage module based on fin concept
  • Dr. Mª Esther Rojas
  • Dr. Loreto Valenzuela
  • Dr. Eduardo Zarza