Consorcio Solar de I+D
Overall Cost
Spanish Centre for Industrial Development (CDTI)
2008 - 2012
Project Description
Project Summary
The main goal of ConSOL+IDA Project was to create the necessary R&D infrastructure to consolidate Spain as the world leader in Concentrating Solar Technologies. The 13 activities to work on can be grouped in 3 vertical areas: R&D for improving CSP technology; R&D for enhancing CSP integration and R&D on new approaches
Thermal Storage Group’s Role
CIEMAT gained valuable experience in modelling thermocline storage tanks and simulating oil-molten salt heat exchangers by CFD software.
Technical Approach and Resources Used
The research team was engaged in modelling and simulation activities on Thermal Storage for thermocline systems and oil-molten salt heat exchangers.
Project Results (including any commercial outcomes)
Key Staff
The project having involved 23 companies and 20 research and technological centres, the achievements were manifold, especially in the improvement of CSP components, simulation and grid integration.
  • Dr. Mª Esther Rojas
  • Dr. Rocío Bayón
  • Dr. Loreto Valenzuela
  • Dr. Eduardo Zarza