Zero Carbon Resorts towards Sustainable Development of the Tourism Sector in the Philippines and Thailand (ZCR2)

Participants: Gruppe Angepaste Technologie GrAT (AT) (coordinator), Palawan Council for Sustainable Development PCSD (PH), Green Leaf Foundation GLF (TH), Health Public Policy Foundation HPPF (TH), CIEMAT-PSA (ES)

Contact:  Guillermo Zaragoza,

Funding agency: European Commission, SWITCH-Asia Programme.

Background: This project builds upon the success and achievements of the ZCR in the Philippines (2009-2014) for replication and upscaling. Regional approach will be implemented through ZCR intervention in Thailand and Green Certification in the Philippines, while increasing the access to green finance and improving policy exchanges on SCP in tourism in both countries.

Objectives: The overall objective of this project is to contribute to sustainable development of the tourism sector and its value chain in the Philippines and Thailand with a focus on reduction of resource consumption and CO2 emissions.

Achievements in 2018: During this year this project has concluded with the publication of more results on the evaluation of commercial membrane distillation modules for solar seawater desalination.