Network for Excellence in Solar Thermal Energy Research, NESTER

Participants: CYI (coordinator) (CY), CIEMAT-PSA (ES), ENEA-UTRINN (IT), CNRS-PROMES (FR), RWTH-AACHEN (DE)

Contact:  Diego-César Alarcón-Padilla,

Funding agency: European Commission, H2020 Programme

Background: The geopolitical placement of Cyprus offers excellent opportunities for cultivating a research and innovation niche in solar technologies. At the same time, the remoteness of the corresponding centres of Excellence of EU is a major impediment. The NESTER Project strives to enhance the advantages and ameliorate the disadvantages of this geographical placement.

Objectives: The NESTER Project aims in upgrading the scientific and innovation performance of the Cyprus Institute (CyI) in the field of Solar-Thermal Energy. The upgrade will be achieved by embedding the Institute’s activities in a network of excellence, which will provide access to the latest know-how and facilities, train CyI’s scientific and technical personnel and link it with the European Industry. The substantial investments made/planned by CyI in infrastructure and personnel will thus become more efficient and competitive allowing claim to international excellence.

Achievements in 2018: During the last year of the project the most remarkable activities have been the collaboration in the organization and participation of a winter school, a specific workshop about solar desalination that was held in Cyprus, a mentoring visit to CyI and the reception at PSA of several researchers from CyI in order to collaborate in the fields of solar thermal desalination.