The Solar Desalination Unit (UDeS in its Spanish acronym) has the objective of new scientific and technological knowledge development in the field of desalination and thermal separation processes powered by solar energy.
Main current research lines are the following:

  • Large-capacity thermal processes with special emphasis in multi-effect distillation (LT-MED, TVC-MED, ABS-MED).
  • Small-capacity thermal processes with special emphasis in membrane distillation (MD) and forward osmosis (FO).
  • Solar thermal co-generation of electricity and desalinated water (CSP+D).
  • Salinity-gradient power generation: reverse electrodialysis (RED) and pressure-retarded osmosis (PRO).
  • Thermal-driven separation processes for brine concentration and industrial waste water treatment.
  • Dynamic modeling, process optimization and advanced control strategies in solar desalination processes

Research activities are developed within the framework of projects covering both national and international activities with academic and industrial involvement.
The international relevance of the developed activities is clearly supported by the following positions currently hold by UDeS researchers: