Thermocline tank simulation
by numerical and analytical models

Head:  Esther Rojas

The Thermal Storage Group of the CSSU focusses on the development, optimization and integration of thermal energy storage systems (TESS), taking into account the specific features of the technology of the solar thermal power plant involved.

Strategies and optimization
of TESS integration in CSP plants

Our great know-how, both in (sensible and latent) storage prototypes testing and in multi-physics modelling (by own or commercial programs), qualify us to design and optimize TESS for working temperatures between 140ºC and 800ºC. In this sense, we follow an holistic approach where the TESS integration in the Concentrating Solar Power Plant plays a critical role.

The activities of the Thermal Storage Group deal with all the required aspects for the development, verification and optimization of efficient TESS:

  • Proposing new storage media and characterizing some of their mechanical, chemical and thermophysical properties.
  • Testing components for molten salt loops (valves, pressure gauges, vertical pumps, heat tracing, etc.).
  • Designing new heat storage concepts with known storage media.
  • Testing novel modules for energy storage, both sensible and latent, even in real solar conditions.
  • Modelling the behavior of TESS, with own and commercial programs.
  • Studying the integration of TESS in the CSP and its feasibility from a global point of view.
  • Optimizing the operation strategies of TESS in order to get as much advantage as possible of the stored energy.