Dr. M. Ignacio Maldonado

Telephone: +34950387800 (ext. 955)

Water Solar Treatment
Plataforma Solar de Almería
Carretera de Senés, km 4
Tabernas, E-04200 Almería

Research interest

His profile is mainly connected to R+D projects related to water treatment with advanced oxidation processes. He has participated as researcher in 9 national projects, 16 EU projects (IV, V, VI, VII and H2020 FP) and 5 research contracts with private companies related to the development of Solar Energy Technologies for the treatment of industrial waste waters and desalination.

Track record

From 2002 to present, he has been working as a Tenured Scientist at Plataforma Solar de Almería (PSA)-CIEMAT. He is author of 6 books in national publishing and co-author of 18 books in international publishing, co-author of 100 articles in scientific journals, 120 contributions to international congresses and symposiums and several contributions to national congresses. H index (dec. 2017) = 38.

  • Research of Joint Research Center (Univ. Almería-CIEMAT) of R&D in Solar Energy (Ciesol,



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