Dr. Leónidas Pérez Estrada

Tel: 950387800 (ext. 826)

Water Solar Treatment
Plataforma Solar de Almería
Carretera de Senés, km 4
Tabernas, E-04200 Almería

Research interest

Dr. Leónidas Perez-Estrada scientific career is focused on the research and application of various advanced oxidation processes (AOPs) for the treatment and reuse of industrial/municipal wastewater, the use of High Resolution Mass Spectrometry to characterize emerging contaminants and its degradation products, and the use of Metabolomics techniques to identified chemical/biological markers within different oxidation processes. He has participated in 4 EU projects (FP6, FP7) and 4 major R&D water reclamation projects with various Canadian Oil Sands Companies. He has published more than 40 papers in SCI journals and has more than 50 international communications. H-index (Scopus, Mar. 2016): 22.

Track record

In 2016 Dr. Perez-Estrada joined the Solar Water Treatment unit at PSA. Previously he was Assistant Professor in the Department of Civil &Environmental Engineering at the University of Alberta (Canada). He is author of 1 National Editorial book, author/co-author of more than 40 publications in international high impact journals and more than 50 communications to different International Congresses and Symposiums. He has supervised/co-supervised 7 master (M.Sc., and M.Eng.) and 3 PhD students. He has taught various undergrad and graduate courses at the University of Alberta (Canada) and Graduate Seminars at the University of Almeria (Spain). H-index (Oct. 2016): 23.


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