Dr.ª Mª Inmaculada Polo López

Telephone: +34950387800 Ext. 987

Water Solar Treatment
Plataforma Solar de Almería
Carretera de Senés, km 4
Tabernas, E-04200 Almería

Research interest
Dr. Polo-López scientific career is focused in the development of national and international I+D research projects on the field of water disinfection by different Advanced Oxidation Technologies and Solar Photocatalytic and Photochemical process to treat water matrices from different sources. Her scientific interest is therefore focused on the achievement of a treated water with quality of drinking water and also regenerated urban wastewater for irrigation purposes.

Track record
Dr. Polo-López is author of 70 publications in indexed international journals (Orcid: 0000-0002-2505-721X), author of a book and co-authored of other 12 book chapters. She has more than 200 contributions to different International Congress and Symposiums. She has collaborated with more than 30 undergraduate students in the field of solar photocatalytic disinfection of water. She has been involved in more than fifteen research projects (National and International). She has supervised 1 PhD, co-supervised 1 PhD and currently is supervising 2 PhD under development. Scopus h-index: 31.


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