Dr. I. Oller Alberola

Research, Head of Solar Treatment of Water Unit
Telephone: +34950387800 Ext. 993

Solar wastewater treatment
Plataforma Solar de Almería
Carretera de Senés, km 4
Tabernas, E-04200 Almería

Dr. Isabel Oller scientific career is focused in the industrial and urban wastewater treatment and reuse by using advanced oxidation processes (with and without solar energy) and their combination with physic-chemical pre-treatment systems and advanced biological treatments. She has developed this activity under her participation in several I+D national and European Projects (6th & 7th EU Framework programs).

Track record
Dr. Isabel Oller scientific production it is worthy to mention she is author of 1 National Editorial book and co-author of 12 International Editorial books chapters. Furthermore, she is co-author of 79 publications in indexed and more than 60 contributions to different International Congresses and Symposiums (until April 2016). She has also participated as teacher in some national and international curses and master related with Wastewaters Advanced Treatment. H-index (April 2016): 27.

Publications (most recent):

S. Papoutsakis, S. Miralles-Cuevas, I. Oller, J.L. Garcia Sanchez, C. Pulgarin, S. Malato. Microcontaminant degradation in municipal wastewater treatment plant secondary effluent by EDDS assisted photo-Fenton at near-neutral pH: An experimental design approach. Catalysis Today, 252 (2015) 61-69

S. Miralles-Cuevas, I. Oller, A. Agüera, L. Ponce-Robles, J.A. Sánchez Pérez, S. Malato. Removal of microcontaminants from MWTP effluents by combination of membrane technologies and solar photo-Fenton at neutral pH. Catalysis Today, 252 (2015) 78-83

Fernandes L., Lucas M., Maldonado M.I., Oller I., Sampaio A. Treatment of pulp mill wastewater by Cryptococcus podzolicus and solar photo-Fenton: a case study. Chemical Engineering Journal 245 (2014) 158-165.

M.I Polo-López., M. Castro-Alférez, I. Oller, P. Fernández-Ibáñez. Assessment of solar photo-Fenton, photocatalysis, and H2O2 for removal of phytopathogen fungi spores in synthetic and real effluents of urban wastewater. Chemical Engineering Journal 257 (2014) 122–130.

Miralles-Cuevas, S., Oller, I., Ruiz Aguirre, A., Sánchez Pérez, J.A., Malato Rodríguez, S. Removal of pharmaceuticals at microg L-1 by combined nanofiltration and mild solar photo-Fenton. Chemical Engineering Journal 239 (2014) 68-74.

Adán, C., Bahamonde, A., Oller, I., Malato, S., Martínez-Arias, A. Influence of iron leaching and oxidizing agent employed on solar photodegradation of phenol over nanostructured iron-doped titania catalysts. Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 144 (1) (2014) 269-276.

De Torres-Socías, E., Fernández-Calderero, I., Oller, I., Trinidad-Lozano, M.J., Yuste, F.J., Malato, S. Cork boiling wastewater treatment at pilot plant scale: Comparison of solar photo-Fenton and ozone (O3, O3/H2O2). Chemical Engineering Journal 234 (2013) 232-239.